nhqc3s.PNGNATO HQ Consultation, Command and Control​​ Staff (NHQC3S)

Vision: The NHQC3S is to be the first-choice NATO staff organization for analysis, advice and actionable recommendations to nations and NATO Bodies that will to the delivery of C4ISR capabilities needed to support Alliance operations and missions and enable Alliance transformation.

Mission: The mission of the NHQC3S is, through effective research, analysis and coordination, to:

  • Develop actionable recommendations that will lead to the delivery of C4ISR capabilities;
  • Provide advice to senior NATO bodies including the North Atlantic Council, Military Committee and C3 Board;
  • Lead NATO initiatives in Cyber Defence, Information Management and NATO Network-Enabled Capability;
  • Provide selected products and services in information sharing standards and spectrum management;
  • Act as the executive arm for the C3 Board in its governance function of the lifecycle for the realization of C3 capabilities;
  • Support ASG/ESC in all Cyber Security matters;
  • Support ASG/DI and the DG IMS and other key stakeholders in all C4ISR matters;
  • Provide an effective Secretariat for the C3 Board and its substructure;
  • Perform the necessary knowledge management and lessons learned activities regarding all NHQC3S function

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