NATO C3 Organisation Mission

The NC3O will accomplish the following mission, taking account of the responsibilities of the other NATO bodies involved:

  • Ensure the provision of a NATO-wide cost-effective, interoperable and secure C3 capability that meets the users’ requirements by making use of common funded, multinational cooperative and national assets in the most effective and efficient manner;
  • Ensure the provision of services and support in the field of C3 to NATO users, such as the Strategic Commands (SCs) including subordinate entities, Agencies and Committees, as well as other authorized users, to include individual or groupings of nations, and national or international organisations;
  • Act as the NATO overarching authority in the area of C3 architectures to enable the effective integration of C3 capabilities into a NATO-wide network thereby supporting the NATO Network-Enabled Capability (NNEC) concept and NATO’s Transformational Goals, taking into account developments being undertaken by NATO Nations, other bodies and Agencies ; and
  • Execute Corporate Governance of the NC3A and NCSA.


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