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If you are not known by NFO, please contact us at nfo@foracs.nato.int prior to requesting site access and COI membership.
If you are a NATO FORACS staff member, please log-in and go to the sub-site NATO FORACS PW (Project Workspace) for internal information.
If you are a Steering Committee member, Range User Meeting participant, national scheduler or contractor, please log-in and go to the sub-site NATO FORACS Info (Information).
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Welcome to the NATO Naval Forces
Sensor and Weapons Accuracy Check Sites

1974 - 2024
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NATO FORACS is a NATO project open to all the​ Alliance.

In keeping with NATO doctrine, which recognises that interoperability is key to the effectiveness and success of maritime operations, 
the Project's mission is to maximise the lethality, operational readiness and interoperability of NATO maritime forces 
through comprehensive calibration of sensor, weapon, combat, communication, and navigation systems 
to clearly defined accuracy and performance standards. 

In order to support:
  • Verification and restoration of optimal Operational Capability (OC) and interoperability.

  • Provision of near real-time OC assurance to Alliance and National Command Chains.

  • Validation of new and upgraded maritime platforms and capabilities.

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page update: 12 June 2024

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