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If you are not known by NFO, please contact us at nfo@foracs.nato.int prior to requesting site access and COI membership.
If you are a NATO FORACS staff member, please log-in and go to the sub-site NATO FORACS PW (Project Workspace) for internal information.
If you are a Steering Committee member, Range User Meeting participant, national scheduler or contractor, please log-in and go to the sub-site NATO FORACS Info (Information).
Both sub-sites have their own "documents" folders which contain specific documents, depending on the target audience. 
NATO FORACS staff members have access to both sub-sites.


Welcome to the NATO Naval Forces
Sensor and Weapons Accuracy Check Sites

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NATO FORACS is a NATO project open to all the​ Alliance.

Its Mission is to provide NATO maritime forces with the opportunity to undergo
calibration of sensor, weapon, combat, communication and navigation systems
​to clearly defined accuracy and performance standards, in order to support:

  • Verification and restoration of optimal Operational Capability (OC) and interoperability.
  • ​Provision of near real-time OC assurance to Alliance and National Command Chains.
  • Validation of new and upgraded maritime platforms and capabilities.​
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page update: 28 Sep 2021

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