NNAG Logo.pngWelcome to the web site of the NATO Naval Armaments Group (NNAG)

NNAG was created in 1958 and constitutes one of three Main Armaments Groups (MAGs) existing under the auspices of the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD), NATO´s highest decision-making body specifically dedicated to armaments issues. Our mission is to enhance NATO Allies’ naval capabilities, so they can better address the objectives of crisis management, the fight against terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, among others. 

The group bears responsibility for promoting armaments cooperation, standardization and technology development in the   area of naval armaments and unmanned aerial vehicles through joint activities and information exchange. In close association with relevant NATO agencies, the Group implements a standardization policy aimed at achieving maximum interoperability, primarily among Allied Naval Forces, but also with non NATO Nations.

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