​​Armament & Aerospace Capabilities Directorate​

The A&ACAP Directorate comprises three sections: the Integrated Air and Missile Defence Section (IAMD); the Aerospace Capabilities Section (AER) and the Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance, Land and Maritime Capabilities Section (ILM). It contributes to the full range of Alliance missions by providing advice and expertise for the development and delivery of policies and capabilities in the areas of Integrated Air and Missile Defence, Space, Aviation, ISR, and Air, Land and Maritime domains. These includes major complex programs, including AirC2, BMD, AGS, AFSC, JISR.

The Directorate provides support to four Council's senior Committees: The Air and Missile Defence Committee (AMDC), the Defence Policy and Planning Committee – Missile Defence (DPPC-MD), the  Aviation Committee (AVC) and the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD).

In addition, the Directorate supports the Offices of the Vice Chairman of the AMDC, FORA​​CS and MSIAC.​​​