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Please provide your last name. Must contain at least two alphanumeric characters.

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Please provide your first name.  Must contain at least two alphanumeric characters.

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Date of Birth

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Please select the title which people use to address you with.


Please select if you are in the military. If so then you will need to specify your rank and rank title in the fields that will appear.
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User Name

This field is read only and its value is automatically composed of your last name and first name with the following format: <lastname>dot<firstname><sequencenumber>. A sequence number is only added if the combination of last name and first name is not unique.


The password you have to provide has the following policy: Minimum 9 characters of which at least 1 number character, 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 special character (like *+-%).

Confirm Password

Take care that you type the confirmation password exactly the same as your password.

Password Question

When you would forget your Password a procedure is in place to automatically reset it by answering a Question. Please choose that Question now.

Password Answer

Please provide an Answer for the Question you have selected here afore. Must contain at least two alphanumeric characters. Attention: Like the Password this Answer will be considered case-sensitive.
Representation Info


Select the Nation or Organization you represent. If you represent neither then you can choose Other and specify what you represent in the textbox that will appear.

Work Address

Please provide the complete address of your working place.
Contact Info

Official Email

Provide your Official Email Address.

Official Phone

Provide your Official Phone Number.
Format: +[country code (max 4 digits)]-[area code (max 6 digits)]-[phone number (max 10 digits)] e.g.+32-2-7071234

Alternate Email

Provide a second Email Address if you have one.

Alternate Phone

Provide a second Phone Number if you have one.

Mobile Phone

Provide a Mobile Phone Number if you have one.

Alternate Com

If you like to provide an Alternate Communication Means with which you can be reached, please do.


Please provide your Fax Number.
Communities of Interest

Main COI

You need to select your main Community of Interest by clicking the COI Select button next to the text field.
Access Justification

Person of Contact / Project you are involved in

Please provide name and coordinates of a POC within the division, your Delegation/Organization/Workplace who can justify your requirement to have access to the portal. Or describe the Project you contribute to.
IMPORTANT: Give as much info/details as possible to speed up the approval process e.g. name and coordinates of a POC  
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Read Confirmation

Please tick the checkbox to confirm that you have read the terms & conditions document.
Terms and Conditions for accessing this Portal.  
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