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Defence Investment > NIAG > Events registration

Registering to NIAG events requires no log-in credentials. Open events are visible in the left column of this screen. Please select an event and fill in the registration form.
If using Firefox to navigate to the DI Portal, an add-on needs to be installed before you can register for an event (more information here- see pdf document “how to install the Firefox plug-in).
Please note that in addition to registering on this website for a NIAG event, participants should:
(1)  contact their national Head of Delegation.
(2)  contact their national Delegation to NATO to request an access badge (see instructions in the calling notice). No badge = no access to the meeting room.
If you need full access to the NIAG website, please click "register yourself" and fill in all required fields. Finally, make sure you select "NIAG" as Community of Interest. Please note that the approval process is manual and it can take a couple of days before access is granted. Thank you for your understanding.

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