The NATO Air Force Armaments Group (NAFAG) is one of the Main Groups subordinate to NATO’s Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD). Through its subordinate Groups, NAFAG is responsible for promoting cooperation and standardisation in the area of Air Armament via joint activities and information exchange. The NAFAG mission is to enable, in the aerospace and joint domain, multinational co-operation on delivery of interoperable military capabilities to improve NATO forces' effectiveness over the whole spectrum of current and future operations.
Areas of interest
NAFAG's work is focused on tasks directly derived from the CNAD Management Plan and further addressed in the Air Armament Management Plan. These tasks are the result of a continuous dialogue between Allies and Partner countries on their priority capability shortfalls in order to find ways to co-operate on common interests and to build-up new initiatives that will promote information exchange, briefings and demonstrations. The Capability Groups directly reporting to the NAFAG are the ones who consider the information related to national requirements, planned or on-going studies, and demonstrations that offer alternate solutions to capability requirements.?
Frequency of Meetings
As a CNAD Level 1 group, NAFAG normally meets for maximum 2 days, twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall. Meetings will normally be held at NATO HQ.
Reporting Line
NAFAG reports directly to the CNAD on aspects relevant to facilitating multinational co-operation and interoperability in the aerospace and joint domains as determined by the CNAD and articulated in the CNAD Strategy and CNAD Management Plan.
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