a/ How to register on the DI Portal ?
If you are entering the DI Portal for the first time, you will be required to register in order to gain access. You will be asked to complete a user registration form which will be either approved or disapproved by the Administrator(s) of the Sub-Site(s) you are requesting access to. With the registration form, you will be able to specify which sites you wish to join, as well as your level of participation (for example, "member" or "only interested in the information").
Note : You must possess a valid email address from a known government body or private company (i.e.,,,, etc ....) in order to register for access to the DI Portal. You will be required to enter that address when completing the registration form. Personal email addresses from known social networking providers are not valid for registration (i.e.,,, etc ...).
1/ Click on the Register Yourself link
2/ Fill in the "Registration User From"
click here for more details.
b/ How to sign in on the DI Portal ?

The DI Portal URL is

1/ Click on the Sign in link (top right corner) to open the DI Portal Login Page. From this page, enter your username and password in the login box, put a checkmark in the white box to indicate you have read and acknowledge the "Terms and Conditions" for the Portal and click on Sign in.

NOTE: Then Sign in button will not become enabled until you put a checkmark in the "Terms and Conditions" box.

2/ After you sign in, a "User Info" box will appear indicating your last lgin date and your password's expiration date.


3/ You have now access to click on a Sub-Site's tab in the top links bar in order to consult a Sub-Site and its subsequent COI pages.


c/ How to recover my password ?

​NOTE: Using this function does not perform a recovery of your current password bu an automatic generation of a new one.

1/ From the DI Portal Login Page, click on Click here if you forgot your password. You will be redirected to the DI Portal Password Recovery Form.


2/ Type your username generated during your registration and enter the captcha value. Click on Next.

3/ Enter your secret answer when prompted by the system with the question you selected during your registration and the captcha value.
NOTE: The answer is case sensitive and needs to be entered exactly how you submitted it during your registration. Click on Submit.


4/ You will receive a confirmation page that your password was reset. An email will be sent to your address with the newly generated password.

5/ Use the password in the email you received to sign in to the DI Portal. Once you are authenticated, you can change your password in your user account settings.

d/ How to change my personnal data ?

In this option, you can manage your personal data you entered during your registation, such as your email address, telephone number, work address, etc.

​1/ Click on [your username] on the top right corner and select Manage your Personal Data. You will be redirected to the "My Personnal Date Management Form".


2/ Click on Change Personal Data button at the bottom right of your screen. The form will become enabled allowing your to modify your personal data.


3/ Once you have made your changes, click on Update Personal Data button at the bottom right of your screen. The form will become disabled and your changes will be saved.

e/ How to manage my Alerts/Notifications ?

​This menu option allows you to manage alerts you have created for various sub-sites or COI to be notified when documents, events or discussions are uploaded to the DI Portal.

1/ Navigate to the sub-site or COI where you wish to create an alert

2/ Click on [your username] and select Manage your Alerts. You will be redirected to your list of active alerts for the current sub-site.


3/ Click on Add Alert


4/ Choose an element to be alerted of when items are added, changed or removed. Click on Next.


5/ Use the alert creation form to:
          a. give your alert a title
          b. specify the type of changes you wishes to be alerted to
          c. specify the frequency of the alert


6/ Click on OK. The alert will be displayed in your list of active alerts under your user account profile. You will also receive an email notification.

NOTE: After the alert is displayed in your list of active alerts, you could Edit or Delete it.

f/ How to manage my COI ?

​This menu option allows you to manage your participation to the Community of Interest your requested to join during your registration. You can either end your participation, edit your level of participation within the COI(s) or request to participate to additional COIs.

1/ Click on [your username] and select Manage your Communities of Interest. You will be directed to the Personal COIs Management Form.


2/ Even COIs for which you are awaiting approval to participate will appears in this list.
NOTE: The checkmark in the "Requested" column indicates that you have submitted a request to participate to that COI. The checkmark in the "Approved" column indicates that you are authorized to access information on that COI's pages.

Click on Add.

3/ In the treeview that appears in the right, click on the name of the COI you wish add.


4/ Select whether you want to be a member or that you are only interested in that COI.


5/ Click on Save. The new COI will appear in the list and will be indicated that your request to participate has not been yet submitted or your access approved.


6/ Click on Submit at the bottom of the form in order to send your request to that COI's Administrator. You will receive an email confirming your successful request.


You can Edit your participation to a COI for which you have not been approved to access (checkmark in the "Approved" column).

You can End your participation to a COI.
Choose the COI that you want leave, click on End button. A checkmark will appear inside the "End" column. Click on Submit button to end your particpation with that COI. The page will refresh and the COI will be removed from your list. Then you will receive an email confirming that your request has been executed.

g/ How to change my password ?

​This menu option allows you to reset your password at any time. The steps detailed in this section make up the same process for renewing your password on the date of its expiration.

1/ Click on [your username] and select Change your Password. You will be directed to the DI Portal Password Reset Form.


2/ Type your current password and type your new password in both fiels by following the security rule : Minimum 9 characters of which at least 1 number character, 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 special character (like *+-%). And type the captcha value. Click on Submit.


3/ You will receive a confirmation that your password was changed successfully. You will also receive an email with your new password inside it.

h/ How to search for a document ?

A search starts at the top right of the screen. If you type a single word (e.g. conference) the system looks for that word in the filename, content or metadata of all files (Office documents or PDF) that you have permissions to access.

If you type multiple words (e.g. conference september) the system will find items where any of the words occur, ranking those that contain more than one of the words higher.


By default, the system will search in your COI Site, including all sub-sites, except if you search from the DI Portal main page.

i/ What is the DI Shared Calendar ?
The "Shared Calendar", accessible through the top links bar, is a collective view displaying all events for the entire DI Portal. Any event inserted in the calendar of a Sub-Site or its COIs will appear here. As a simple user with only Read access, you only have the privilege to view events in the Calendars of the COIs you have access to.
The page defaults to a monthly view which you can change to a daily or weekly view by clicking on the calendar icons in the top right corner.
To view all events stored on the DI Portal, simply click on Shared Calendar in the top links bar.
To add an event in your Outlook Calendar
Click on an event name to be redirected to that event's details page.
Click on Alert Me button to receive notifications if the event was modified.
Click on Custom Commands in the top ribbon, then click on Export Event button,

You will receive an windows notification, click on Open

Click on Save & Close to add the event inside your Outlook Calendar.
j/ How to use the Discussion Board ?

Each Community of Interest within a Sub-Site is equipped with a “Discussion Board” accessible through the left navigation menu.
To access a COI’s discussion board, navigate to that COI’s Home page and click on Discussion Board.
You will be directed to a list of active discussions for that COI.


Click on Add new discussion to start a new discussion.
Fill in the "Subject" field to give your discussion topic a title and type in the "Body" field to include a message.


If you wish to attach a file, click on Attach File button, click on Browse to choose a file from your directory, once you’ve located your file click on Open and then click on OK to attach the file.

To post a reply to an existing discussion, click on the discussion topic in the list of discussions.
Then, click on Reply to the right of the message.